More Suggestions for Cheap Traveling But at What Price?

By Inma Mateos

While surfing on the web trying to find news or articles about travel I found “Taking Advantage of Last-Minute Travel Bargains,” a travel article in Los Angeles Times.

From an editor’s perspective, I think it lacks many aspects to make it successful for the reader.

  • First, the first letter of each word of the title should be capitalized.
  • Second, there are no visuals.
  • Third, the article starts in a very unappealing way.

The first word of the first paragraph says “Question:” but actually there is no question but only a description afterwards. The second paragraph start with the word “Answer,” when actually it’s an introduction to the story, and in my view, is written in a very unfortunate way. The writer starts talking about the travel industry, which would have made me stop reading immediately if I wouldn’t have had to analyze it for this blog. The reasons I would stop reading this article are display bellow.

Not only the content is weak but so are the structure and design. The typography is small and sometimes condensed in big blocks, making its readability difficult.

On one hand, there are many links to take the user to their recommendations; on the other hand, the aren’t incorporated within the words but the url structure is written on the following text, ruining, even more, the design of the site.

Last, the writer, Catharine Hamm, is telling the story of a couple, and she repeatedly uses this type of phrase: “Second, she says, social media are your friend.” When she should put the attribution in the end of the sentence to give it more strength. And the writer should also use the last names of the people interviewed, not just the feminine or masculine subject.

Overall, I think this article is very poor in all aspects an editor have to be aware of. Aspects such as content, structure, design and visuals.

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