Africa for Short Budgets

By Inma Mateos

We’ve already heard of cheap traveling, but there are some trips that when we think of them, we don’t think are cheap. We think they are really expensive because of the distance or the amount of time one has to stay in those places to be able to get a real sense of what it is about. Island, Patagonia, Africa, or Australia, are examples of far-away countries that require money investment. And who doesn’t want to go to wild, exotic and beautiful countries? I do.

The New York Times has made Seth Kugel’s story into a travel advice section in their newspaper.

Kugel traveled on his own in the Africa bush. During his trip he only used a tiny $23-a-day Fiat for travel and his inventiveness. In his trip, Kugel filmed videos of him saving money in his traveling. The New York Times has posted this video, and also an article about Kugel’s experience, written by himself.

This kind of article offers an unusual way of suggesting how to travel in a specific country from a newspaper perspective, and I think, they hit the mark with great effectiveness. People usually love features stories or stories about people, moreover if they have visual elements like Kugel’s story, which are much better for engaging the user.

Paragraphs are short and full of links to get further information, which makes the story flow. Furthermore, at the end of the story, Kugel has a list of tips about traveling in Africa for small pockets that he created by himself. It has many links to support what he is saying.

Overall, this article has a very creative way of giving advice about traveling and from a different point of view. I have to add that at the end of the article, there is a correction of an earlier version, which makes the source trustful.

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