The Perfect Day

By Inma Mateos

There are many ways of suggesting how to spend a perfect day in a city when traveling, but not every recommendation gives a different perspective to everyone’s taste. Time magazine gives the best solution: Different viewpoints from those who know how to spend the perfect day, in this case, Miami.

Four famous people from Miami tell how they spend their perfect day in Miami. Each of them is completely different from the previous one. The reader can choose the story, which best suits their needs. It’s worthwhile. The reader does not have to follow only one perspective but can also follow different ones and even combine them. Each short story engages the reader. First, who tells the story is a well-known person. Second, there is storytelling. And people love stories about people. They tell their typical day in Miami. Where they go for dinner, what activities they do, where they relax, where they go out. Everything. And last, it’s lively. They get to the point quickly and write with the reader in mind.

But it’s not just the storytelling that engages the reader. Every activity or restaurant mentioned in the reading is linked to get further information about the activity or place. Paragraphs should be short but full of details. They also link to other similar stories by Time, which helps to build the Time website.

In my view, the way Time tells about a city is innovative and will help it to bring new audiences to their travel section. The only thing I miss in the article are some images or other visuals.

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