Where to Go

By Inma Mateos

There are several suggestions that one can find on the web when looking for the perfect travel destination. In my view, however, there are not too many that can provoke a visual impact and engage like the list made by The New York Times, called “52 Places to Go in 2014.”

This list is within the travel section of The New York Times, but how it is placed into the website is completely different from the rest of online newspaper content. It is interactive. The reader can play with the content. Nowadays the viewer’s role is essential in the digital content, so letting the viewer choose what countries to see on the Web, or what activity they are looking for to do while traveling, holds the attention of the reader.

The structure of the list is clear. It makes the content easy to read and scroll to whatever the reader is interested in. The users can personalize their visit along the list of places to visit.

Each of the travel destinations come accompanied by an image or a short clip of video. And each of them is beautiful, which makes the viewer thirsty for more content like that.  But it’s not until the user scrolls down past the visual content when they can read about where the media was taken. That gives the site more control, and prolongs the surprise.

When the users get to the description of the place, it is described in two or three paragraphs, which is essential to keep the audience reading until the end. The block of text also has many links to get further information, which always helps the site to promote itself.

At the end of the travel list, there is a section for comments from users and share buttons for social networks, which will motive the audience to come to this site. Likewise, they have written the corrections they have done in the publication since it was published, which gives creditability to the online site.

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