How to Save Money While Traveling

By Inma Mateos

Traveling is ambiguous.

It is cheap. It is expensive. It is fun. It is boring. It is adventure. It is safe. It is difficult. It is easy.

It all depends on the traveler.

There are many ways of traveling, and how people decide to travel will determine the trip. In this blog, we’ll look into the ultimate way of traveling: budget travel, which in my view is the way people experience the most during their travel.

There are many different sites to get the best ideas and tips for traveling. One of such blogs can be found at

This blog provides travel tips, travel destinations, things to see and do, places to stay, eat and drink, and travel planning; to help people to travel more and more often.

The headline, “How to Safe Money on Travel – 52 Ideas,” is clear and related to the content the owners of the blog that talks about. The writers provide a list with the best tips for traveling, which they related to another source they link in the blog.


In the beginning of the post they start with a short introduction to catch the attention of  the reader by answering the importance of having in mind these suggestions when traveling. They use short blocks of paragraphs and make bold statements in every block, which makes it easy for the users to scroll and read what they are interested in.

The content is compelling and reliable. They use their own experiences to illustrate the material and also link to more information about the tips.

The writing style is a bit informal. Sometimes they over use exclamations points and question marks to, I guess, stress what they are saying. I think they should strive for polish and sharpness in their writing.

Also, they should include more visuals. They post some beautiful travel pictures that give a real sense of what they are talking about, however, they need to include videos and audio to make the blog more compelling.

Overall, I think they engage the reader by using direct writing and active voice. It is well organized, they use an ordered list of ideas to catch the reader’s attention, and it also moves the reader smoothly to the next point.

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